Spirit Theory

The Beginnings of a Spirit Hypothesis
by Dharma Nature Chriss Pagani

Summary: Quantum theory explains the origination and "substance" of spirit energy, and the unique signature of spirits might be detectable with advancements in science. This working hypothesis proposes methods for detection and confirmation.

* * *

There needs to be a comprehensive theory about what ghosts actually are. You can only develop a way to capture images of ghosts and confirm their existence if you assume that there is a property inherent in the spirits/ghosts that can be measured or detected. In other words, a hypothetical discovery that spirits radiate energy at x wavelength, could lead to a reliable method of detecting/capturing them. Right now, we don't have that.

Attempts to Collect Evidence with Cameras
Ghost photography is interesting because cameras capture light, generally in the visible spectrum that humans normally perceive, although there are some differences. Most ghost photos can be explained as visual pareidolia or things like reflections in glass, but there are a few unexplained images that surface from time to time, and we really can't put our fingers on why that happens. While one might say that the camera sees what the human eye sees, the following are some confounding factors:

  1. Cameras record photons. We make a general assumption that photons captured represent a reflected light, but that is not always the case. A spirit might theoretically be producing the image on its own rather than reflecting light, or might even directly affect the camera sensor in some way - like a visual version of an EVP.
  2. Camera captures are in the same general range as human eyesight... but not exactly. If you've ever taken pictures without color corrections, you might have noticed that outdoor photos get a blue-ish cast (from ultraviolet spectrum light) and indoor photos get a orange or yellow casts (from the color temperature of the illumination... or greenish casts for fluorescent lighting). Did you ever ask yourself, why don't I see what the camera sees? It's because your brain makes those corrections subconsciously. There is a lot of pre-consciousness brain processing that goes on for what you see with the eye. The camera doesn't do that. So sometimes things you never saw at the time, get recorded by the camera. That doesn't mean there are ghosts involved, it just means that the camera records everything while your conscious awareness does not.
  3. Time factors. The camera may catch a slice of time in 1/1000 of a second. Or more... or less. Many of these capture speeds are well beyond your conscious awareness. So again, as a theoretical matter, a camera might capture an occurrence that was so quick you were unable to perceive it when it happened.

Any of these factors might explain why an apparent ghost image appears in a photo although it wasn't perceived by those present. And all of this assumes a potential detectable energy emanating from the spirit. At least we have a hint here that there might be a detectable energy signature that may be visible on some occasions. We don't know if this is a natural property of this phenomena, though, or if it takes specific and/or concentrated actions by the phonemena itself to produce results.

If capturing an image depends not on an inherent property of the metaphysical entity, but rather the ghost or spirit actually doing something - an affirmative action - in order to create the image, then you're at the mercy of finding a spirit who is willing and able to do that. Unless we find another track to work on, and that's what we will discuss.

OTHER ATTEMPTS: Elsewhere on this site you will find discussions of EVP, assisted communications devices and other methods. The problem with these methods is that they rely heavily on subjective interpretations of otherwise ambiguous phenomena, and the issues we have with audio pareidolia are well-covered here and tend to make this sort of evidence useless.

Toward a Theory of Spirit Substance and Detection

Just as a point of discussion, let's start with a general hypothesis: All objects and energies found in the physical universe bubble up from the quantum universe. Everything that exists here originates there. This isn't really my hypothesis, yet, this is real quantum science. The energy found in the quantum universe is essentially infinite and pre-exists the physical universe. A current theory is that the entire physical universe arose when a vacuum bubble formed in the quantum universe.

Now for the hypothetical part: When a person "dies," their energy signature collapses back into the quantum universe, from whence it arose - and that quantum universe, that quantum consciousness, is every bit as real as the physical universe, but does not normally interact with it.

So our hypothesis is that we have ghosts as a quantum universe phenomenon. This is in accord with cutting edge science, including the work of Dr. Stuart Hameroff in quantum consciousness, theoretical physicist Juan Maldacena, Dr. Robert Lanza, quantum physicist (and former head of the Max Planck Institute) Dr. Hans-Peter Dürr, and many others.[1] And with this, we have something that allows us to work toward detection and confirmation.

Problem: We're barely able to detect quantum states at the level of a single particle or wave right now. Detecting a spirit would require the detection of quantum interactions trillions of times greater than what we're currently able to achieve. It's not impossible, but it is far beyond the current state of science. A discovery in the near or far future may lead to huge advancements in this area.

Following on the discussion of ghost photography, and the struggle and frustration involved in getting images, we might further hypothesize that the rare photograph occurs because these spirits might sometimes be able to manifest in the physical universe through great effort, using something along the line of the Casimir effect - a proven method by which quantum wavelets form quantum particles which in turn form "real" particles (photons)  in the physical universe. However, if we are to depend on spirits doing something (a thing that might be extremely difficult), we might have to hunt for random happenstance to get images or other evidence.

Alternatively, one might develop a machine or process to create condensates (matter from quantum wavelets) and if one had such a machine one could manifest spirits on demand. But now we're back to things that are way beyond current science, although researchers in Zero Point energy are at least trying.

Nevertheless, it's fun to imagine a "Casimir Machine" that might be carried to a site, flipped on, and result in any spirits present becoming visible to the naked eye. Or take it another way, what about the possibility of a Casimir lens? This would be more practical and within the scope of scientific knowledge, although the methods themselves are still unknown.

The method would follow the Casimir effect, using charged plates to pull quantum wavelets into the physical universe - that is, converting the quantum energy into photons. The outer plate would allow quantum wavelets to enter from the outside, but it would not allow them to exit. The inner plate would repel quantum particles (causing them to bounce back and forth between inner and outer plates) but would allow photons to pass through to a lens - or the human eye. With this, we have a device that turns quantum universe energy into photons, which can be seen. In effect, you've created ghost glasses.

Again, the materials and methods of polarization are still unknown, but they are not impossible. This is the sort of thing where experts in quantum mechanics and top engineers might be able to put their collective heads together and come up with a methodology for developing such a device.

Of course, the current obsession with materialism among the old school of physicists and skeptics is a barrier to advancement. If you are going to stamp your feet and refuse to investigate something because you've already decided that the thing you might investigate can't exist, then how can progress ever be made? This barrier of materialist fundamentalism has been the sticking point for decades.

Fortunately, younger experts in quantum mechanics are figuring out that materialism is dead, even if the older generation of skeptics haven't gotten the message. So there is hope! We shall see what comes of this.


[1] Additionally, this understanding of the physical universe as arising from the quantum universe is in alignment with what The Buddha taught about the true nature of reality: "Form (the body) does not differ from the void, and the void does not differ from form. Form is the void, and the void is form. The same is true for feelings, conceptions, impulses and consciousness. ... the characteristics of the void is not created, not annihilated, not impure, not pure, not increasing, not decreasing. Therefore, in the void there are no forms and no feelings, conceptions, impulses and no consciousness: there is no eye, ear, nose, tongue, body or mind; there is no form, sound, smell, taste, touch or idea; no eye elements, until we come to no elements of consciousness; no ignorance and also no ending of ignorance, until we come to no old age and death; and no ending of old age and death." - The Heart Sutra. Here "The Void" is understood to be not of this universe; rather it is that from which all apparent forms arise.
Note: I have some ideas about where to begin in developing a Pagani Casimir lens, so if you are an appropriately credentialed scientist interested in this project you may wish to contact me to discuss it further.

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