We are a team of paranormal investigators. We use a variety of techniques including advanced scientific instruments as well as traditional, intuitive techniques. Our goal is to investigate supernatural and paranormal events with an open mind, identify and document phenomena, and - if requested - alleviate the fears/suffering of individuals through various modern and traditional methods.


Chriss Haight Pagani
Chriss Pagani is Buddhist Dharma and certified meditation master teacher, having received Dharma transmission and authorization to teach Buddha Dharma. Chriss is also a computer expert and imaging engineer. Chriss has been referred to as an "enlightened being" by Zen Master Avatar Prem Anadi, and she is considered a sensitive/intuitive investigator.

Bob Pagani
Bob Pagani is our resident ultra-skeptic and technical geek. He documents phenomena as they happen. Bob is also an internationally recognized expert in social engineering and hoaxes. His work has appeared in every major newspaper in America, several national magazines and on many television shows. He has also appeared in documentaries and movies. Bob Pagani on imdb.

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